I’m Dave Yaffey, an accredited psychotherapist registered with the UKCP and I offer Core Process Psychotherapy in Llanidloes.

At anytime of life things can get difficult and if our coping strategies don’t work well enough we can feel overwhelmed. If we don’t understand what’s going on we tend to get anxious or depressed and our issues can manifest in surprising ways such as panic attacks or numbing out, illness, fatigue, insomnia or a general sense of feeling stressed all the time.

Therapy allows you to talk freely about what you’re facing in life and can deepen self-awareness. It can help uncover underlying causes and empower you to choose more of the life you would like to lead. Healthier ways of coping often emerge as old habits are let go. It doesn’t matter if you can’t quite put it into words, I will work with you as you are, for as long as you want.