About You

If you’ve been thinking about therapy then you might have a label for what you’re experiencing. You may feel anxious a lot of the time, you may experience low mood. It might be a relationship issue that’s bothering you, at home or at work. There may be a change that’s causing some difficulty, a change of role or status, a relationship breakdown or loss. Or there may be something, that you can’t quite name, that seems to be getting in your way. You may have a sense that some unresolved stuff from the past is playing out in the present. You may have worked out for yourself that something’s up or it may be someone else who has pointed you towards help.

It doesn’t matter why you might be considering therapy now. Whatever the cause of your ‘dis-ease’, therapy can help you understand what’s going on, work through your thoughts and feelings and bring some ease. The therapy process is about providing time for yourself in a safe and confidential setting with a trained professional, to explore what’s bothering you. It’s different from talking things through with a friend or family member, who may have an opinion about what you’re saying – I won’t judge you or give advice.

What is Core Process Psychotherapy?

From very early on we learn a set of strategies that help us meet our needs, avoid distress and cope with the world. Together these strategies give rise to our personality, the conditioned self. Underneath all of this however, is something more original, unconditioned and healthy. This is our ‘core’ and how this manifests, how we bring this into the world we call our ‘core process.’

Core process psychotherapy is a blend of modern psychodynamic principles and the ancient wisdoms of Buddhist psychology. Core Process Psychotherapists serve as champions and anchors for the core of ‘brilliant sanity’ of those they work with. In therapy they help you discover how the overlying, obscuring stuff hides your underlying core. Discovering how you act out the strategies and patterns of your life is hugely empowering. Taking back your power from these patterns is the work done in therapy – it allows you to reconnect with your core and live more authentically.